Luxury Animal Boarding
in South Yorkshire

A comfortable, safe and relaxing environment for your pets whenever you're away from home.

Boarding rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, reptiles, chickens and caged birds in a friendly home environment.

For home visits rather than animal boarding facilities, please visit our sister company Furry Friends Home Care

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About Us

Auckley Animal Boarding is owned and run by a qualified veterinary surgeon with more than 14 years of experience.

As pet lovers ourselves - with rabbits, guineas and reptiles of our own - we know what your pets need, and even if they take a bit more care than most pets, we can help.

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Indoor boarding

These enclosures range from 4x4ft to 6x4ft and have a hideaway house, litter tray and hay tray

They are suitable for 1-4 rabbits or guinea pigs or 2 tortoises

  • Dandelion Den
  • Parsley Penthouse
  • Apple Apartment
  • Broccoli Bungalow

Outdoor boarding

These enclosures are 6ft x 4ft and have a hideaway house, litter tray and hay tray.

Fans are provided during summer months and radiators are used along with heat pads during the winter months. They are suitable for up to 3 rabbits, 5 guinea pigs or 2 tortoises.

  • Bracken Burrow
  • Hedgerow House
  • Carrot Cottage
  • Bramble Bungalow

Outdoor runs for exercise

We have 5 very secure outdoor runs for rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises which range from 7x4ft to 9x4ft in size.

Other indoor accommodation

We can accommodate up to 4 rodent cages

We can board one reptile

We can accommodate one caged bird at a time

We provide boarding for up to 6 chickens in our fully enclosed chicken shed and run.


All prices are per night and include all food and bedding. Please contact us if you have an animal that is not listed.

We do not board dogs and cats.




  • Single @ £7.50 per night
  • Pair @ £10.00 per night
  • Three @ £12.50 per night

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Guinea pigs


  • Single @ £6.50 per night
  • Pair @ £8.00 per night
  • Three @ £9.50 per night

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Small rodents, reptiles and budgies


  • Single @ £3.00
  • Pair @ £4.00
  • Three @ £5.00

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Large rodents and parrots


  • Single @ £4.00 per night
  • Pair @ £5.00 per night
  • Three @ £6.00 per night

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  • Single @ £5.00 per night
  • Pair @ £7.00 per night

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  • Up to 3 @ £5.00
  • More than 3 add £1 each per night

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Additional services

As Auckley Animal Boarding is owned by an experienced Veterinary Surgeon, we're able to offer a level of care not matched by our competitors.

Please contact us to talk about your pet's additional needs.

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